TV Repair Altrincham: Free estimates and Re-delivery

Our repair service; Free Estimates on any set. Simple.

Simply fill in the contact form to the right with details of your set and fault. We’ll respond within 24 hours to tell you if your set can likely be repaired.

we’ll then arrange a set timeslot for you to drop the set in to us for further examination. These timeslots allow us to stagger customers and ensure safe social distancing.

Once we know if the fault can be repaired (we’re quite good so typically 80% can) we’ll give you a call and provide a fixed quote; typically within 2-3 working days.

Once you give us the go ahead we’ll proceed with the repair and contact you once it’s done.If the set can’t be fixed, or if you decide not to get it sorted, then there’s no charge at all.

It’s that simple!

What do we repair?

At ‘Littlers TV’ we offer a free estimate repair service for all makes and models of television including: Samsung, LG, Panasonic, Hitachi, Sony, Sharp, Phillips, Bush, Technika, Digicon and many more. This includes LED, LCD, OLED, QLED and Plasma sets. To find out if your set is likely repairable call us on (01925) 814711, message us on Facebook or fill in the enquiry form to the right for a reply within 24 hours.

Why us?

All work is carried out by our trained, experienced engineers in our workshop and checked by our senior engineer with over 40 years of experience.

All repairs carry a full warranty of up to 6 months on the repaired part.  

And finally, because as a family business with 60 years of history and a physical presence on the high street we are fully accountable and proud of the service we provide. Our reputation is built on satisfied and happy customers.


  • My screen is smashed, can it be repaired?

In short. No. In most cases smashed sets are a ‘write-off’ (technical term) as new screens cost close to the price of a new TV! However we do have a small stockpile of our own screens taken from working sets. Screens must be an exact match to work  so you’ll need to drop your set in to us, like any repair, for us to check if we have the correct type available.

  • Can you collect my TV for repair?

We certainly can. Typically the charge is £48.00 (Inc.VAT) for the greater Warrington area and on request for areas further afield (we often pick up from Liverpool, Eccles, Leigh, Wigan, Runcorn, Widnes, Altrincham etc. so it’s always worth a call)

  • I’m not sure if the TVs faulty…or if it’s something I’ve done!!?

We get this a lot so don’t worry! If you give us a call we’ll always ask for full description of the fault beforehand to establish whether it might be an aerial issue or simply an internal setting gone awry. We’ll always try and fix issues over the phone first if possible.