TV Wall mounting and Installation

Our engineers are happy to provide wall mounting services for any size of set subject to an entirely free pre-installation survey of the intended mounting area. This is simply to establish the type of wall in which the set will be mounted and ensure that the bracket, fixings and set itself are all suitable.

Wall mounting charges;

Up to a 42″ set; £50.00 (Ex. VAT)

Above a 42″ set; £75.00 (Ex. VAT)

(20% discount on multiple sets)


Please note the above charges do not include the cost of the physical bracket which changes depending on type and style. We are of course able to provide both bracket and any wire capping/concealer on request.


Quick checklist;

  • Make sure there is a power outlet within range of the mounting site.
  • Also an aerial connection (if required)
  • If providing your own bracket/fixings please ensure it is compatible with your set.
  • Decide what type of bracket you would prefer (flat, tilted, cantilever, angled)


To arrange for TV mounting please fill out this form or call us directly on (01925) 814711 for  more information.