Samsung D5520 start-up loop…Samsung D5520 start-up loop..Samsung D5520…..(etc)



At least twice now every month we see customers bringing in their D5520 Samsung sets. Typically these sets are stuck in a start-up loop, simply turning on, displaying the ‘Samsung Smart TV’ logo (ironically) and then turning off before restarting. These sets are in varying states-some still looking almost brand new- but almost all display this same fault.




Annoyingly the D5520 is visually a rather smart looking set. Released back in 2012, the edge-lit LED backlight and slim-line metal chassis make it more than competitive with today’s mid-range models. Not only was the set ‘Smart’ (although requiring an additional dongle to be truly wireless) but also included Freeview HD and a reasonable pair of speakers too.


The common fault described above is due to a fault on the processor on the main board-we’ve had varying reports that this is down to the firmware and the age of the set-yet nothing concrete from Samsung themselves….(thanks). This has made replacement parts for the set similar to ‘unicorn droppings’ in terms of availability (as one of our engineers puts it) i.e. non-existent. We have had success in the past with sending the main boards to be repaired directly. Unfortunately around one quarter of these boards have re-faulted within 1-2 months (fortunately for the customer however these are still covered by our own warranty of course :).

So what’s our verdict?

In short, we no longer recommend repair for the regular 32″/40″ models; given the cost relative to replacement put your money towards a new set. For the 46″ and 50″ models repair still remains a viable and economical optionĀ  given the overall size an quality of the sets.

As always we encourage customers with these sets to drop them in for a free estimate, we’ve seen other issues with the D5520 series including backlight, T-con and power failure. So it might just be that your set may have a different fault to the start-up loop issue… the start up loop issue….to the start up loop issue…(and yes we did that joke twice…)