TV Repair Macclesfield: Free estimates & Re-delivery

Our repair service

At John Littler (Warrington) Ltd we offer a free estimate repair service for all makes and models of television including: Samsung, LG, Panasonic, Hitachi, Sony, Sharp, Phillips, Bush, Technika, Digicon and many more. Repairs start from only £25.00.

Why Repair?

TV’s can range from hundreds to thousands of pounds, so it’s no surprise that repairing a set is often far more economical than buying a new one. Televisions can and do go wrong which is why supermarkets and sellers only provide a guarantee of 1 year after which time, regardless of the initial cost, the set is no longer covered.

Repair is an Eco-friendly, cost-effective way of making your money go further.

Why us?

We provide free estimates on all repairs. We don’t believe in charging our customers for simply telling them their TV cannot be repaired.

Free delivery and installation on all repaired sets*.

Furthermore, if a repair is uneconomical we will recycle the set for free.

We offer up to a full year’s warranty on the repaired part, showing the confidence in our work. Whereas many other companies will only give a maximum of 3 months.

All work is carried out by our trained, experienced engineers in our workshop and checked by our senior engineer with over 40 years of experience.

We also offer a paid collection service for sets too large to bring in and for customers unable to access the shop.

Finally, because as a family business with 60 years of history and a physical presence on the high street we are fully accountable and proud of the service we provide. Our reputation is built on satisfied and happy customers.


For television repair you can have confidence in contact us today, or fill in the form below for more information.